You don't need to be brought up in Sweden to get a warm feeling when you hear the name Astrid Lindgren. You suddenly remember how her voice made you feel as a kid.

The Astrid Lindgren Company has a legacy to manage. And not just any legacy - it’s a spoken, written and visually expressive heritage known to hundreds of millions. Astrid's stories have been translated into movies, series, games, toys and more.

Astrid was as brave and outspoken as her characters, but she also had an excellent mind for business.

Together we understood from the fans of Astrid and the business needs that it was time for a new chapter in the Astrid Lindgren Company saga. A new chapter, more focused on the growing international market.

We translated Astrid Lindgren's heritage into a strong brand that would represent a strong woman, clarified the Astrid Lindgren Company's value proposition and strengthened their quest. Together we shaped a new digital presence moving from three different websites into one. The new website improves the ability to develop, shield and promote Astrid's legacy. It is a web universe that tells the stories both about Astrid herself and about her beloved characters, but also a universe for new dimensions of professional business partnerships.

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