We help authorities create citizen services as they ought to be: accessible and supporting us to be our better selves.

Technology is setting the pace for society today. We, as humans, try to keep up as best as we can, but it's not always easy. Our workplaces and authorities are also working hard to keep up, but have an even bigger challenge ahead.

Authorities collaborate with us to create the next generation of governmental services.

Over the years we have helped over 40 governmental agencies and municipalities and this is just a glimpse of how we are shaping the citizen experience 2.0.


The Swedish environmental protecting agency wanted to become the most open governmental agency in the country. Together we strived to increase the awareness of the state of Swedens environment.


We introduced and implemented needs centric development to over 1600 employees and 400 managers at the Swedish public employment services. The aim was to collaborate in a new and more engaging way with the job seekers and employers, creating better services and gain trust over time.


We helped the Swedish company registration office gain new insights from a customer perspective. This, lead to a re-packaging of their e-services.


Together with the Swedish Work Environment Authority, we have worked on understanding the ongoing changes in the work environment as experienced by employers, employees and work safety officers.

Our digital habits from everyday life translate into expectations when we interact with governmental services. If these expectations are not met, our trust in the government decreases. 

We, the people, are not the only ones with expectations on governmental services. The government itself is regulating and expecting its agencies to live up to certain standards, such as providing open data, making everything accessible and offering smooth and flexible services. In theory, this sounds good, but making it happen for real is a different kind of cheese.

At itch, we work with challenges stretching between people and tech. We especially love when these challenges are combined. This is one of the many reasons we love working with governmental agencies, municipalities and regions.  In these projects, we feel it all the way to our bones that we are making a real difference to people. This is a passion we share with our partners.

In projects, we strive to create what we call constructive friction, by forming cross-functional teams securing a high collective intelligence. We build teams with designers, techies and number crunchers combined with participants from the partnering agency or municipality. Together we strive to understand the citizens in different ways and build services that meet the citizens' expectations. We call this: The citizen experience 2.0

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