We have a method to start startups, applied here to a greater cause - to help society manage 7 days in the event of a crisis. Imagine there is no electricity or clean drinking water. Say Hi to KanKlara.

KanKlara / Crisis Kit

the secret method of starting up startups.

We know the impact of Lean Startup methods for emerging businesses and products. Short cycles let us discover viability and flaws can be solved early in the process.

Our design methods let us investigate challenges, design a solution and test before we scale it. First, we analyse and define, later we conceptualise and deliver. Easy? No, but fun.

For KanKlara we facilitated the build up in two steps. First, a 5-day Design Sprint to clarify all questions and to set the agenda - turning into a 4-day Lean Startup method focused on defining and delivering.

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB wants us all to manage 7 days without clean water and electricity. How do we prepare people without fueling fear.

Our methods gave us speed and direction to investigate peoples' various needs, to test and trash ideas well before they're built and delivered.

We delivered a sustainable product, value proposition, packaging, business model, visual identity with brand imagery and a new typeface, basic website and a plan for release.

It’s fantastic what you can co-create in 9 days.
\Moving from an idea to a testable business model.
\5-days startup sprint mapping and testing ideas. 
\4-days business mapping, co-creating and delivering brand, packaging and a rollout plan.

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